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In 1992, H2O Chemicals was founded to provide tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
Today, we continue to deliver this through excellent technical and customer service.

From our beginnings in 1992, our commitment to offering the best possible controls has enabled H2O Chemicals to help customers across the UK to maintain a safer working environment.

We started as a Water Treatment company preventing Scale, Corrosion and Microbiological Fouling in Heat Exchange systems. This heritage provides a strong technical base to provide Legionella Control but since legionella is contracted by breathing contaminated water droplets many of our clients asked about Indoor Air Quality. As such we were at the forefront of developing the testing regimes which are now taken for granted. Our strong technical base also provides our commitment to our training programmes some of which we offer to our customers in the form of our legionella and IOSH training but many more are reserved for internal use to ensure we equip our field force with the competence they need to maintain our high level of customer service.

At the core of our service delivery is Legionella Control. As such, we are a leader in this field of environmental control. Our products and services extend beyond water treatment into other areas such as Air Hygiene and Health & Safety training.

Water Treatment Water Hygiene Air Hygiene Training Services

Regardless of which of our extensive market sectors you fit in to, wherever you are within mainland Britain, H2O Chemicals can deliver the services and expert advice you need to keep your business space safer.

It can also save you money. We can prove it.